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Jordania: 'Erg teleurgesteld over besluit'

Jordania: 'Erg teleurgesteld over besluit'

20 juli 2019 om 15:19

Kakhi Jordania heeft middels een statement gereageerd op het besluit van de beroepscommissie van de KNVB. Ook gaat hij in op de aanstaande rechtszaak, die woensdag dient.

Het volledige statement is hieronder te lezen.

Kakhi Jordania: “We are very disappointed by Appeal Committee decision, but I will stay FC Den Bosch fan forever”

In July 2018 Kakhi Jordania have entered to the FC Den Bosch shares purchasing project when the club has a deficit in the budget. Kakhi Jordania have transferred the money in order the club can be saved from a bankrupt and hold its professional license.

Together with this, the club first team selection counted 15 players what was unacceptable to start the season and be competitive on the pitch. External financing from Kakhi Jordania allowed the club to attract 13 new players (5 more players were attracted in winter transfer window) and to develop many auxiliary aspects of the club’s activity, like GPS, gym equipment, bonuses, etc.

As a result, all these actions led to increasing the club’s home matches attendance and, accordingly, doubled the ticket sales. Besides, the club got the opportunity to talk with its sponsors and partners as an effective partner. Finally, the period was won.

During the season Kakhi Jordania fulfilled all his obligations on external financing of the club and saved it from the possible bankruptcy several times without any claiming for extra-revenues of the club what became possible because of his funds. Moreover, Kakhi Jordania transferred more than was needed according to the agreement. Additional amount was used by the club management not in Kakhi Jordania interests.

Kakhi Jordania was ready to stay the extra-money transferred to the club and even cover the results of ineffective club activity in the season 18/19, but met an ultimatum from the club’s management that he also has to cover the estimated losses of 19/20 in a very strict timeframe.

We tried to find a solution acceptable for the both sides, but the club did not go to a constructive dialogue. Moreover, Sam Kersten was sold without any consultation with Kakhi Jordania (not decision, but consultations were requested).

Kakhi Jordania had nothing to do except to go to court. It’s very important to underline that Kakhi fell in love in the club and does not want to cause damage to it. Various possibilities have been proposed from Kakhi Jordania, but the club management preferred to present ultimatums to a person who saved the club from bankruptcy. The lawsuit, which was sent to court before the decision of the Appeal Committee, is an attempt to push the club management to a conversation for the benefit of the club. This is against the Supervisory Board, but not against the club. We think it’s only a possibility to awake the club’s management from the club’s destroying.

After the court was announced, we have received the decision from Appeal Committee.

During the year, Mr. Jordania, his team and his company demonstrated unprecedented level of transparency regarding all questions and requests received from KNVB committees, Grant Thornton company and external experts.

We declare that Kakhi Jordania used funds for FC Den Bosch shares purchasing which have absolutely legal origin. For the entire time of the work of the KNVB committees and two external expert groups, not a single fact has been provided proving the opposite. Kakhi Jordania’s company “Oil Energy Group” acts within the framework of the national legislation and is undergoing an appropriate yearly audit.

Kakhi Jordania is very disappointed by the decision regarding FC Den Bosch shares acquisition dated on 18th of July, but reserves all rights to protect his own and his company reputation decision in civil court.

The Appeal Committee decision came as a surprise to Kakhi, as well as the decision of the club’s management not to continue the fight in court, which became known from the press without any explanation or consultation with Kakhi until now. It seems that Kakhi is the only one who is not indifferent to the fate of the amazing club with a great history among the people who can make the decisions.

Kakhi Jordania wholeheartedly thanks all the fans, partners, players, coaching staff and the club’s employees for their amazing support and conscientious work this year. He remains a fan of the club forever and hopes that acceptable solutions will be found, to which he is always open.

Bron: FCDBFans.nl